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Michelle Andrews

Osteopath, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Michelle believes in the combination of hands on treatment and movement as the key to keep you feeling good.

She's an Osteopath and S&C Coach and she brings this approach to the Motus Life community.

Michelle views the body as one intertwining system.

Whatever your symptom may be, her priority is to get to the root cause.

She believes that addressing and counteracting this cause is the key to relieving your discomfort.

Michelle's reason for Motus Life is to provide you with the access to an elite team of practitioners that are capable of applying an all encompassing approach to your needs.

Michelle currently splits her time at the clinic with Collingwood Football Club. She has been working with the AFL team for 5 years, was part of the inaugural AFLW staff and now also works with Collingwood Magpies Netball.

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