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The Team at Motus Life believes you should have access to multiple services to round out your health and well being. Too many people purely do yoga or purely go to the gym.


At Motus Life we want you to be able to do both.  Our classes include Vinyasa, Yin, Slow Flow and are run 7 days a week. 

Mat Pilates

Our Mat Pilates classes are an excellent addition to any exercise routine. It is a 45 minute class comprising of a series of low impact lengthening and strengthening exercises which combine the breath, movement and relaxation, with a specific focus on building core strength. 

Stretch & Release

Stretch and Release is a 30min class that keeps you mobile and free to go about your day.
After a long day sitting at the desk, a day on the tools or after a Strength & Conditioning session, this class will help keep you lengthened and aid in your recovery.


Meditation is a vital part to health and well being. Everyone needs time in their busy lives to take a few minutes and destress, declutter and enjoy a moment of silence.
We believe Meditation should compliment your weekly practices so we're making sure we provide it, with guidance from our instructors.

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