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Motus Life is a community hub where people come together for health, lifestyle and sports performance.

At Motus Life we have a genuine care and passion to help others. We invest in continual growth to deliver best outcomes for our clients.

We strive to provide a collaborative, inclusive environment where clients are managed holistically from start to finish.


At Motus Life, we want to educate and empower people to reach their full athletic potential and achieve their health and well being goals, in a social, inclusive, community driven environment.  We are striving to raise the bar of performance training standards for female athletes in Australia.


We believe that every body from the weekend warrior through to the elite athlete should have access to state of the art equipment, world class coaches and practitioners and an environment that educates and empowers you to achieve your goals.



meaning: movement



  1. an act of moving.

    "a slight movement of the body"


    motion move manoeuvre gesture gesticulation sign signal action activity​​

  2. a change or development.

    "the movement towards greater sexual equality"


    development change fluctuation rise fall variation trend tendency drift swing current

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