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Terms & Conditions

Any promotional discounts will be applied to the standard cost of the selected Osteopathic consult (prices are listed on the bookings portal page -


Discounts will be applied at the time of payment for the consult.

Payments accepted include Visa, MasterCard or Cash. 

Private rebates from health funds are possible if your private health cover includes Osteopathy.

Patient consent will be obtained prior to any assessment or treatment procedures.

An Osteopathic Consult will comprise of:

  • Patient Information and Medical History Questionnaire to be filled out by the patient.

  • A thorough case history taken by the osteopath. 

  • Osteopathic assessment and treatment will be conducted, if clinically indicated.

  • If treatment is required during the consultation, choice of osteopathic treatment offered may involve one or more of the following techniques which your Osteopath is qualified to perform: soft tissue massage, articulation, MET, HVLA (manipulation), counter strain, functional release, fascial release, stretching, dry needling and cupping. 


If after a thorough case history, assessment and consultation, the patient is not a candidate for osteopathic treatment, the patient may be recommended for further management by a relevant healthcare professional. 


There is no expiration date on the these offers. A limit of one discount per offer, per patient applies.

May 2023 NEW MEMBER Offer

From the 1st until the 31st of May, 2023, new members can access 50% discount on Strength and Conditioning Initial Consultation. New members will also access 50% off the first month of a minimum 12-week term membership. Price of membership will revert to $99/w as per the existing "All In" membership available to new and current members. 

New members are considered those who have not previously signed up to a membership at Motus Life pty ltd.

New members must complete an Initial Consultation prior to signing up to minimum 12-week membership.

The contract must be fulfilled for the entirety of the minimum 12 - week period, and if unable to carry out the 12-weeks, the payment must be made in full.

  • Initial Strength & Conditioning consultation - now $55

  • First Month of "All In" Membership = now $49.50 (*reverts to $99 after first month)

Payments are a fortnightly advanced direct debit via MindBody system.

Offer expires 31st May, 2023.


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