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Single Leg Squat

Nicola Stevens demonstrates a Single Leg squat (sometimes called a sit to stand) really nicely here.

Your Osteopath, Exercise Physiologist or Strength and Conditioning Coach at Motus Life might prescribe this for you if they think you need more unilateral (single sided) stability and strength. The Single leg Squat is great for challenging your balance as well as trunk and hip strength and control.

We use proprioception to provide feedback via the nervous system to the brain, to enable us to recruit muscles that stabilise us through the movement. The Single Leg Squat requires "self organisation" via the Trunk, including our obliques, quadratus lumborum, latissimus dorsi, amongst many others. We use the diaphragm and pelvic floor as the roof and floor of our trunk to create intra abdominal pressure that helps to stabilise us.

Our deep hip muscles, such as our gemelli and obturators help to control our hip, whilst our gluteals, hip flexors, quads and hamstrings work to keep the pelvis neutral, as well as flex and extend the hip and knee in a controlled fashion.

......Side note ---- if you find you're leaning sideways, work on that trunk stability a little more!

The body is as simple as it is complex, movement is essential!

The Single Leg Squat is a little advanced and should only be performed after easing your way back into strength training. Stick to double leg Squats or Glute bridges to begin with unless your practitioner or Coach has recommended them for you specifically.

If you love to run and jump, progress to mastering the Single Leg Squat. You'll find your leap and speed improve when you can successfully fire up through this movement pattern!

Athletes should aim to be able to complete 22 Single Leg Squats in a row on both legs to minimise their risk of getting injured. Dynamic sports such as AFL and Basketball this is ESSENTIAL for!

Remember quality is just as important as quantity!! Ensure you follow the cues Nicola outlines in her video.

If you'd like more specific advice tailored to you, book an appointment with us below.

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Check out Nicola's awesome demo below!

Team Motus x

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