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Sarah Alexander

Exercise & Sports Scientist

Sarah is an Osteopath that has a strong background in sport with 5+ years of experience working in football at TAC cup (NAB League, VAFA, VFLW and AFLW level. She currently splits her time at the clinic with North Melbourne Football Club in the AFLW medical team. Sarah prior to Osteopathy completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and intends to complete her Strength and Conditioning accreditation to supplement her Osteopathic knowledge. 


Sarah has primarily a movement as medicine attitude however, has huge passion and sees the immense value in hands on therapy, with the opinion that together their benefits far outweigh them alone. She believes every body can be an athlete, and looks to share her knowledge to help people heal, move and grow. Sarah has qualifications in dry needling and cupping to complement her osteopathic skill set. 


Sarah has a broad range of treating interests with specific focus on sporting injuries, foot and ankle pain, neck pain, jaw pain and headaches.
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