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Recovery Space

Our new recovery space is the perfect area for you to zen out and take a breath with a cup of herbal tea.

Our Infrared Sauna is available all day for 30min bookings. and uses Infrared waves to raise your core body temperature.
It's designed to help you recover, by increasing blood flow and helping your body remove lactic acid and other waste products post exercise. 
It has been shown to increase cardiovascular capacity, increase blood flow and remove toxins via sweat.
Heat exposure in the afternoon has also been shown to induce sleep and relaxation.
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Our Recovery Boots and Pants are available all day for 30min bookings. They act as pumps that apply compression as they chambers pressurise to encourage blood flow back towards the heart. Our pumps have 6 different chambers that allow individualisation if you have sorer areas. They have 4 pulse modes and 20 intensity levels so you have complete control of your recovery. 
Our boots increase blood flow to encourage removal of lactic acid and other toxins and reduce muscle soreness post exercise.
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Recovery Boots

Infrared Sauna

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