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Conquer your health and fitness goals in just 8 weeks

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

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Congratulations on taking this step! We can't wait to see you!




Only 20 Spots Available - Starts 26th of February 2024

Emily P

"They will give you specific feedback on the gym floor to make sure you’re targeting what’s needed and to push yourself."

Sean McD

"Since working with the team at Motus I've never felt better and all of my day to day pains have subsided, they were able to construct a tailored program to suit my specific needs and at every step of the way I have had all the help and support I've needed to keep me on track"

Verena T

"...I have been going to strength classes for a year now, which is the first gym I’ve ever consistently gone to. ...The trainers are there to help with all exercises and it’s a really welcoming environment (it’s great for all bodies!)"

Why the Motus 8 Week Challenge is for you

We're almost 3 months into the year - What did you want to achieve by now? 

Have a chin up goal you're aiming to hit?
Want to finally do a push up on your toes?
Are you in the gym three times a week keeping that promise to yourself? 

You need a training buddy that helps you form long term habits and sets you up for success.

Our 8 Week Challenge includes unlimited programming, nutrition, recovery and preparation advice, professional Coaches and a great community to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Whether you just need the motivation to get started, establish you’re healthy habits or you’re looking to maximise your performance our Challenge is ready to be the platform that launches you into the healthiest version of yourself!

What this means for you is that we've done everything to help you succeed


  1. Unlimited small group strength and conditioning sessions

  2. Expert programming designed to get you fitter, faster, healthier and feeling your best without the speed bump of injuries along the way!

  3. Expert Coaching from industry professionals backed by University degrees and experience with semi professional and professional athletes


BONUS 8 Week Challenge Access

  1. Initial and post challenge Performance Testing using our state of the art VALD Performance Equipment so you can see your progress in numbers that matter!

  2. A 20min Nutrition Call with our Naturopath to help you maximise your results over the 8 week Challenge

  3. Access to Accountability and Progress tracking app for 8 weeks 

  4. Access to our in person How to Enhance your Performance Workshop - everyday life hacks on recovery, preparation and getting the most out of your day every day! 

  5. Optional body composition analysis - please specify in your intake form

Our next intake kicks off Monday 26th of Feb 2024

Upfront Challenge Pack $740

Other payment options available

Valued at $1418

Sign Up by Tuesday 20th Feb 2024 and achieve the health and fitness levels you want for yourself! 

Because we only have 6 people per small group session we're only accepting 20 people, get in quick!

What's in it for you?

Why People Join the
Motus 8 Week Challenge

  • Motivation to get their Health and Performance journey started

  • Great Coaches

  • Accountability

  • Friendly and inclusive community

  • Nutrition, Recovery and Preparation advice

  • Access technology that measures your health, strength and fitness benchmark and tracks your progress

  • Positive physical and mental heath results

  • Our tried and tested programming helps you avoid injuries so you can stay consistent with your training!

The winner of our 8 week Challenge wins themselves a 6 month ALL IN Membership!

*determined by consistency in training and performance testing results.

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